Hello and welcome Earthlings! We are excited to announce the opening of the finest coffee shop in the Universe, the Mars Brew House. Our first day of brewing was March 1, 2012 and we are looking forward to serving you some out of this world coffee and other delicious treats for many light-years to come.

We are thrilled that you’ve stopped in at our little part of the galaxy for a visit! Here, you can always find information about upcoming events and browse our tasty food and beverage menu. We can’t wait to see and share with you one of Earth’s best kept secrets – the Mars Brew House!


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Milky Way Galaxy
502 Pittsburgh St
Mars, Pennsylvania 16046
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The Mars Brew House isn't just a place to indulge your coffee fix; we offer an assortment of other delicious hot and cold beverages designed to please the most refined of tastes. For example, our steamed chai latte already has a growing and loyal following, barely eclipsing our developing group of hot chocolate and frozen coffee drink enthusiasts. At the Mars Brew House we aim to keep it healthy, and simple. You will see that our thoughtful food and beverage selections contain mostly natural and organic ingredients. We've attempted to anticipate the specific needs of our Earthling guests & hosts, however, as extraterrestrials we always treasure any thoughtful intergalactic suggestions you might provide to us as we continue to evolve!

As you may know, nothing goes better with a great cup of coffee than the great sound of music. As such, we invite all emerging artists to serenade our guests with a live acoustic performance on Saturdays between 12 - 2 p.m. Our staff is dedicated to creating an atmosphere where you can either come alone, possibly with a new or old friend, to let your hair down and relax while having some down-to-Earth fun!